Sunday, April 15, 2012

Otter Creek Park

Yesterday was an overcast day and in some areas of Louisville rain showers fell. Not being dissuaded, and after checking the radar closely, I decided to take the 45 minute drive out to Otter Creek Park which is situated just south of southwest Louisville.

Arriving at the park, the sun began to peek out between the clouds and blue skies were making an appearance. At times deep into the park, it reminded me a little of the Roaring Fork Nature Trail in the Smokies, minus the Roaring Fork, as some areas held more moisture than others. Wildflowers, dogwoods and wisterias were blooming in abundance. I happened upon these little slivers of fern, growing around the base of this tree, as I drove the route back to Blue Hole. This particular image is a favorite. The moss surrounding the base of the tree, bright purple violets blooming brightly, and the ferns sprouting up, perfect. With the moisture in this section of the park, it was nice to find the ferns attempting to take hold.

And least I forget, the Wisteria, which I learned after my Google search last evening, blooms white, as well as that lovely lavender, smelled fantastic. ENJOY!


  1. Carol,

    It is so wonderful for me to see wildflowers from back east because I don't get to see them here. I can't tell you how tickled I was to look at the moss covered base of the tree and see Violets peering at me. I adore them!

    I'm going to be out of touch for a few days and I just wanted to tell you to be safe with the weather that is coming towards you.

    1. Mia, I'm so happy you are enjoying the wildflowers I'm finding in the park. I've so enjoyed your blog and photos. I can't tell you how wonderful a photographer you are. You are inspiring me to buy another lens. I'll try to stay safe as I know some storms are on the horizon. Carol

  2. Our ferns, as you probably remember are almost as wide as tall. These are so different. I love that mossy tree.

  3. Just beautiful . Love all the textures from soft to the wood.

  4. Snow in our mountains and a damp wind in the city make me enjoy your blooms even more! I can almost smell the wisteria.