Saturday, April 14, 2012

Crab Apple Blooms

Is is bad that I can't seem to move past those gorgeous Crab Apple trees I walked amongst several weeks ago at Bernheim?
Because I can't.

It was simply one of the most surreal moments of my life. I walked among those Crab Apple trees with their white blooms and their pink blooms and their sagging, craggy branches with remnants of seasons past lying beneath each individual tree like carpet. I keep going back to those moments because I did one simple thing while experiencing those surreal moments of my life. I photographed it. Am I bad? ENJOY!


  1. I think the Crab Apples are glorious!

  2. No, not at all. I have found that flowers from our early years stay with us as favorites forever. Do you have any early memories of these trees?

  3. Sandy, I took a photo of a Crab Apple bloom back when we had our images printed at the local pharmacy or market. I kept it for a long time because I loved the vivid color and the perspective. Little did I know it would help in leading me to this. Thank you for your kind comments. Carol