Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Old Wooden Fence!

What is it about an old wooden fence that just takes you back in time. I'm guessing because now all of the fences are made of steel or even heavy plastic. The old wooden fences though have much more character. I took this image while walking along the wildlife trail at Taylorsville Lake on Saturday. I played around with the focus and texture with my software to enhance this image.

It's in the mid 20's here today so needless to say I bundled up when I went out. It's supposed to warm up though starting tomorrow. How do you folks up north stand this stuff all winter? ENJOY!


  1. Carol, I was just outdoors, so I can tell you that I don't stand the cold very well. My ears have not thawed yet.

    There are not many fences up here, when I see one, I shoot it. I guess it is because most people don't have livestock. This shot came out really well. Is it sepia or a paper bag texture?

  2. Thanks Sandy. I used soft focus and then several layers of texture from picnic. They don't name their textures so I don't know what they are called. Stay warm it's even colder today up there. Carol

  3. More character, it is! Wood fences create more interesting stories for me as well… Despite the new trends on fences today, I think there are still many people who prefer to have wood fences. Vintage-themed houses are one reason.

  4. I have had some great questions asked lately, I am not ignoring you--I plan to have a Q and A post soon pvc fence panels