Monday, January 2, 2012

Yates Cabin, Taylorsville Lake State Park!

I went for a quick drive to Taylorsville Lake State Park on Saturday, before all the revelers got out on the road. And to my surprise, I happened upon this beautiful old log cabin sitting on top of a hill overlooking the lake just off the Visitors Center.

Yates Cabin was built in the 1840's, however, when they built Taylorsville Lake, which is a man made lake, they moved the cabin so it wouldn't be destroyed as they flooded the area where it originally was built. This beautiful old log cabin was built with unusually wide logs which made it a little bit different from the standard log cabins back in the day.

Taylorsville Lake is about a 25 minute drive from my house in southeast Louisville. I hadn't visited the lake in many, many years. The lake has several boat ramps, a marina, picnic areas, hiking trails and a horse camp and trails. While I drove past the marina, I noticed there were several boaters carting their Christmas trees in wheel barrels along the dock so they could be hauled away.

This is a view of the lake looking through the trees along the road in the state park. FYI, it was in the mid 50's yesterday and today, well it's a balmy 28 degrees with a very brisk wind blowing. BRRRR. ENJOY!


  1. Wow, that cabin is in really good shape. Did you get a chance to see inside?

  2. Sandy, I peeked inside the cabin and it has a cool old stone hearth. Boy was it small in there. One room. Makes me feel special to have 6 rooms in my condo. Carol

  3. Happy New Year! I'm just checking in after being off the grid for 11 days.