Sunday, January 15, 2012

Into the Woods, Guerilla Hollow!

There are many trails within Bernheim that I have not hiked. I took a walk along the the Millenium Trail that briefly traverses Guerilla Hollow yesterday afternoon to check out the cemetery that is situated close by. Yes, I did take photos of the cemetery which I'll post soon. A dusting of snow covered the ground. As is typical of Bernheim, the forest has many oak trees that hold their leaves until Spring before depositing them on the ground. It adds a bit of mystery to an otherwise dull landscape.

I had hoped to visit Mustatatuck yesterday, but a quick check of the rader told me not to, as snow was making its way into the region. If you want to visit a park but hoards of people keep you away, go when the weather isn't perfect. It affords a more personal experience. Guerilla Hollow is one area where normally hoards of picnickers are wandering about. Not so yesterday. I encountered only one couple who had just finished a walk. Love it. A chance to check out Guerilla Hollow just a little bit closer. And as you can see, there is beauty here. ENJOY!

There's a new feature in my sidebar. Now you can search my blog by entering keywords and it searches all of my followers blogs as well. After using this feature on other blogs, I discovered it actually aided me in finding images and information about places I was planning to visit. How cool is that!

Also you'll notice a new header today. I spent some time dropping the background out from behind my image of the trees with the green moss on them and decided to incorporate it into the new header. Whew! A lot of work, not quite done with, but decided to put the header up for now and maybe work on it some more in a few days. Now I know why retouching is so expensive!


  1. The way you did this reminds me of a dream.
    Wow, lots of new trails, that is wonderful.
    Are there enough people on them so that you don't have to worry about being alone?

  2. Super shot Carol. I felt like I was right behind you.

  3. Sandy, I am very very careful as my sister is always reminding me to be safe. I promise. Thank you for the comments. I really appreciate them.

    Frank, so good of you to stop by. Hope to see more of you. Carol

  4. First of all, I always love the perspective of trails fading into the distance. Your blurring of the outer rim is so effective, it really leads the eye down the path. That Header is fab.