Monday, January 16, 2012

Steinbacher Geese!

Have you ever been 'hell bent' to do something. Well that is how I feel about this image. I was determined to do something with it and post it as I really loved the feel of it. It's just different. Not the norm. It really isn't the faces of these two mated Steinbachers that intrigues me in this image, it's the surroundings, and oh yes, definitely the reflection. And there's something about the blues in it too. I find it almost enchanting. And when I added a vintage texture with a border, well it really took it up a notch. Now I like it more. ENJOY!


  1. It looks like a cameo - a vignette from Nature.

  2. You portray these wonderful geese so fascinatingly. I don't recall ever seeing them.But will be on the lookout in my travels now.

  3. I can see why you liked it. Great colors, and compositon.