Saturday, January 14, 2012

Doorway, Pioneer Village, Spring Mill State Park!

While walking around Spring Mill State Park last weekend, I decided to photograph a few of the old pioneer homes from the early 1800's. I loved this image of the dried flowers next to the old concrete steps leading up to the door of The Meeting House. And I especially liked this old door handle. I tried adding texture to the original image, but seriously it didn't do it justice. I did soften the original image just slightly to give it a tad mystery.

I have to admit, when I look at my brushed nickel door handles, the kind you grab and turn downward, well this old door handle has a lot more character. It's a shame that this modern age has taken away such everyday beauty. I can, however, envision a blacksmith firing this old door handle from iron back in the day. I did add some aging texture just very slightly to this image, as well as softened it a bit.

I'm glad to have old pioneer villages like Spring Mill State Park in South Central Indiana to remind us of days of yore. It's a balmy 25 degrees here in Louisville and yes, I'm seriously considering going out and taking some photos. Of what? I don't know. Where? I don't know. Why? Oh, I know this one. Because it's beckoning me. The anticipation of capturing a gorgeous image I never anticipated. My promise this winter . . . don't stay indoors, get outside. ENJOY!


  1. We are 27º, and windy. There is lots of ice leftover from yesterday, that I am afraid will not melt today.

    That old door is so neat! I saw one like it on a fort up here, a couple of years ago.

  2. Hi Carol. Love the old weathered door. Temperatures falling to 0C tonight but should be 6C and sunny tomorrow.

  3. Love the old hardwear, including the hinges. So much character. The whole door is charming - an entrance to another era. Enjoy your weekend, Carol. It was sunny and in 30's here today. We're hoping for snow on Mon.