Friday, January 13, 2012

Pioneer Wagon, Spring Mill State Park!

There is an old wagon sitting in front of Spring Mill Inn next to a paper bark tree. Perfect setting for a perfect image. After capturing the image I realized I wanted to add texture to enhance the vintage feel. This image is what came out of that process. I had several versions in varying depths. I prefer this lighter version.

Recently, I've been working extensively with masks and textures to enhance my images as I know you've noticed. You can take an overwise useless image and make it fantastic by simply using masks or textures. I've learned to the graphic artist, the decorative borders I refer to are actually creative masks because they have a lighter border and a darker center. You have to reduce the intensity of the mask to get the dark center out and leave a lighter mask or border behind. Creative masks are easier to work with to enhance your images than textures. At least in my opinion.

One exception to this would be the textures provided in the Picnic software premium version, which is $24.95 annually. They are easier by far. I think it goes back to the depth of the textures in that software. The software allows you to increase or decrease the intensity. That makes all the difference in the world. Also if you save a texture as a jpeg, drop it in any software you have, and lighten it overall, you might find it easier to work with. I'll share more about masks and textures as I learn, so if you would like to hear more, let me know. Have a fantastic, if not very cold, weekend. ENJOY!


  1. I often wondered if premium Picnic is worth it. I am loving your creative work on the photos, Carol. Of course, your compositions are perfect.

  2. Thanks Barb. I'm glad you like the work I'm doing. It's a learning process. Carol