Monday, November 28, 2011

Fall Days!

Taking a quick look back, I seriously have to say that Fall was great this year. With its bright yellows, oranges and occasional reds. With its pumpkins and farm markets. With it's leaf strewn roads and it's brightly colored mums. With it's beautifully adorned trees and bright yellow goldenrod. Yes, it was a great Fall, but now it's time to move on to a new season, Winter. I don't mind Winter so much at first because you have Christmas and New Year's which helps break up the gloomy monotony. And there's even Valentine's Day in mid February. I'll try to get out to Bernheim this week and perhaps take a quick trip up to Mustatatuck and take some picks to show you how things are doing here in the lower Midwest. In the meantime, stay warm and I hope you enjoy this collage of some of my favorite Fall pics. ENJOY!


  1. I especially like the bird boxes amid the fall colors. Such vivid and varied shades in your KY fall, Carol!

  2. I guess it was! Every shot is my favorite.