Sunday, November 27, 2011

Barbed Wire & Fence Post, Louisville, Kentucky!

Remember I told you I took a walk a few days ago? My goal that day was to photograph the barbed wire fence and this old fence post which just happens to sit next to a tree with a woods in the background. So I did. I walked. I stopped. I photographed. And I tried to create something more beautiful with this image. You know that thing we all have, well most everyone anyway, for old barbed wire fences and old fence posts. I went with a sepia tone feel and then dropped it in Picnic to sharpen it and get just the right clarity. Here's the end result. Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday. I'm exhausted from decorating yesterday, but it's mostly done. Whew! ENJOY!


  1. That tone gives the photo a lot of depth. I like how the eye is drawn beyond the fence. The sepia is just right for fallen leaves.

  2. I agree with Barb. The tone is perfect for this time of the year. I took a close up of barbed wire this past week. You would be surprised how few fences I see up here.