Saturday, November 26, 2011

Holly Berries!

A few days ago, before it got too dark, I took a walk across the field to the edge of the bluff near my condo. These holly berries were growing on the other side of the fence line which runs the length of the bluff. My condo sits on top of the bluff. The bluff drops off about 200 feet down. When the wind blows up here on the bluff, it really blows. It makes me wonder what it's like down there in the valley. The valley stretches for several miles. They're in the process of developing a park with a nature trail in the valley. It will eventually connect up to other trails and all of the trails will connect to form a complete perimeter around metro Louisville, so that people can hike and bike the entire circumference of the city. I'm hoping when they open the park near me, I think it's scheduled to open in 2012, I can take walks there. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner and are not eating too many leftovers. And I also hope you didn't spend all of your money at the Black Friday sales. ENJOY!


  1. Don't worry, Carol - My wallet is still intact. It will be wonderful when that trail is completed. I think it's great when cities save some green areas for people to enjoy. I definitely will alert you next time I ski. For now, we're in the city for a bit. No major storms in the forecast.

  2. Pretty! You are lucky to have holly. We don't have it in the wild here. Other than evergreen trees, it is Christimas to me.

  3. Thanks so much Barb and Sandy. I love hearing from you guys. Have fun in the city Barb. Carol