Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thunder Over Louisville!

Thunder Over Louisville starts out like this.Next thing you know, the bridge starts to fire up.
And now the bridge is fully engulfed . . . so to speak.
More fireworks.
And then you have the finale!

It isn't just a fireworks show. It's 'let's light up the bridge with fireworks coming off of it and dripping down from it.' And that's what they do every April in Louisville which launches the Derby festivities. It's truly the most amazing sight you could ever see in a fireworks show. The Second Street bridge closes two days prior to the event so they can rig the entire bridge with cables. It takes thousands of feet of cable. There are two barges that are also rigged with fireworks that sit next to the bridge. If the wind is blowing south Louisville fireworks viewers get smoke in their direction or if the wind blows north, Southern Indiana viewers get the smoke. There is themed music choreographed to the fireworks show. And there's also an air show by the Air Force during the afternoon. I guess you could say we take our fireworks kinda serious around here.

These images were taken using 800 speed Kodak film and using my Pentax manual camera. I had never shot film at night. I really felt lucky when I found these images actually looked pretty decent.

Currently in Louisville, however, we have flooding. The floodgates went up late last night. Apparently the Ohio River water levels increased significantly late last night, to the surprise of our sewer management guys. Fortunately my condo is situated on a bluff so I'm up high. However, less than a mile down the road from me Floyds Fork Creek went way out of its banks yesterday so much so one of the television news crews were out late yesterday filming the situation. Please Mother Nature, I'm begging to the weather Gods, stop all of this rain. ENJOY!

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  1. That's quite the celebration! Photographing fireworks is fun but also takes some practice. I've only tried it once in Santa Fe using a newly bought tripod. Normally, I hand hold the camera but for the fireworks I definitely needed long exposures. I hope your flooding isn't bad. I did see on the news tonight that many states are affected.