Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Garden, Inn at Cedar Falls, Hocking Hills

I'm taking you to Hocking Hills, Ohio, to the garden at the Inn at Cedar Falls. The flowers were so beautiful in the garden area behind the restaurant on a warm July afternoon several summers ago. You can sit outside if you like and have lunch or dinner. It's a beautiful, peaceful place to spend some time and get away from it all. I look forward to planning a trip again soon. We have major flooding in Louisville and the surrounding area today. It's rained about 3 inches which is about 2 1/2 inches more than I wanted. I was down by the Ohio River this morning and it was way out of its banks and all over the place along River Road. Amazing sight to see. Hope you're staying warm and dry. I'm really looking forward to blue skies and sunshine. I posted a new header for all of my friends and followers to see. The fireworks image you see is from several images I had scanned recently from Thunder Over Louisville, one of America's largest fireworks shows which is a prelude to The Kentucky Derby Festival here in Louisville in late April. I'll post more fireworks images soon. ENJOY!


  1. Gosh, all those landscape photos look so GREEN on your new Header. Those Foxglove are beautiful, too. I think I'm going to plant some this summer in the Mts - they do well in shade and tolerate cold.
    PS Keep high and dry!

  2. Yes, do keep dry, Carol. That must be the storm we are going to get tomorrow. There are flood alerts from there to here.

    Did you choose to eat out in that pretty garden?

  3. Barb and Sandy, thanks so much for your comments. I'm staying high and dry for sure. I didn't eat out in the garden but I loved photographing it. I hope you don't get all this rain Sandy. It's a bear of a storm. Carol