Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pink Buoys!

On a short walk along the bay in Stonington, Maine, several summers past, I happened across these bright pink buoys. Buoys come in all shapes, sizes and colors but these, I think, are the cutest ones I've seen as yet. Couldn't help but take a few photos. The beauty of this post, I'd totally forgotten about the photo of the sailboat with the pink buoys, and I didn't even remember taking it to be scanned a few weeks ago. So when I happened upon it on the DVD tonight, well, I was surprised.

As I meander my way through my archives of old photos from days gone by, you'll notice there's no method to the madness. Whatever strikes me at that moment, that's what I post. One day The Smokies, the next day New England. Who knew. Rainy weather coming my way tonight. Hope you have sunshine wherever you are. ENJOY!


  1. I hope those buoys are for a girl's boat! Love their weathered color and how you've framed the photo.

  2. I love the pink buoys, but what is that other color? Blue???? I haven't seen it since October it seems--gray his been the staple around here. :-) Carol...these are gorgeous and made me feel good. All that sunshine and blue is soothing.

  3. Oh, how wonderful! I think yesterday was International Women's Day, so you are timely as well... Thanks for the besutiful dose of color! :)

  4. These shots look nice together, and the way you have framed them adds to the beauty.

    Pink looks good here.