Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Painting the Lake!

There is no other way to describe this first photo but to say it reminds me of a Currier & Ives print. I photographed this image of the lake in Cherokee Park during a recent snow storm. These two guys were painting the frozen lake and snow covered park. I was photographing them painting. The temps that day were hovering in the low 20's. I got out of my car and walked about an eighth of a mile to one side of the lake to photograph these guys. It was way too cold to linger, but I was adamant about getting a few photos. It's not often you see someone painting a landscape in Louisville. I'm sure these guys were wondering where I was going until they saw my camera. While there was very very little light on this particular day, I feel like that added to some of the Currier & Ives feel. Amazing how some things remind us of times gone past. ENJOY!


  1. In that first one, the glowing light makes me sigh - it does have an old-timey feel to it. Can't believe they were painting on such a cold day - you'd think the paint would thicken too much. I'd say that is artistic determination!

  2. They must have been really rugged guys. It is a wonder their paint flowed.
    Yes, I see what you mean.