Thursday, February 17, 2011

Louisville Skyline!

This post is a slight departure from the norm. On a recent trip across the pond, the Ohio River that is, I stopped at the Falls of the Rough Park and snapped a few images of the Louisville skyline. From left to right, you'll see the Second Street Bridge which links downtown Louisville to downtown Jeffersonville, Indiana. Then to the right of the bridge is the newest addition to the Louisville skyline, the reknowned KFC YUM! Center Arena which is now the "new" home of the University of Louisville Basketball team. Directly behind the arena in the background is Park Place which is a new condominium complex. To the right of the arena is the Galt House in the foreground and in the background is the twin towers of the Galt House which are annexes thereof. Then you'll come upon several of Louisville's tallest buildings. In years past several of these buildings have been owned by various insurance and banking conglomerates. Unfortunately at this time, I'm not sure who the current owners are. On the far right of the skyline you'll see a slightly odd shaped building which is Humana's corporate offices.

To give you some background on how I achieved the look and feel of this image, the image originally came out basically washed out and devoid of all light due to the very dull, dreary day. I decided to turn the image to black and white and then add a slightly tinted sky to the background to give it a little bit of personality. Let me know what you think. I invite you to click on the image and it will increase to fill your screen where you can get a much better look at the skyline. Hope everyone is having a great week. ENJOY!


  1. What a crisp image - I do love the purple sky with the B & W!

  2. You made it into a beautiful and interesting photo, Carol, and the tint of the sky adds a lot to the overall impression.