Monday, February 14, 2011

Sea Dreaming!

I've been seadreaming! Of the seashore and shorethings. Of seagrass and seagulls. Of sailboats and lighthouses. I've no plans to visit the shore this year. I thought I would stay inland. However, a short trip to the shores of Lake Michigan might be needed. Perhaps. I've been seadreaming again . . . so I share with you mementos of beach days gone by. Almost certainly the seadreaming is a by product of the mild temps here in Kentucky the past few days. It's only going to get warmer later this week. Spring perhaps, ahhhhh.

I'm still playing with my Picnik software. I like the mirror mat I added to this image. I really like this software. Give it a try.

My sister left me a chocolate cupcake topped with layer upon layer of more chocolate from Gigi's Cupcakes and a beautiful Valentine card at my door today. She's the best. Thanks Jo. I love you so! Hope all of you had a heartfilled day. ENJOY!


  1. What a great Sis! Now you have me seadreaming, too, Carol!

  2. I've been sea dreaming too! Love the collage....also, the flowers in the previous post are sooo gorgeous. I can't even remember what it's like to see a flower growing outside. I'm really missing them this year.

    Hope you had a wonderful V-day!

  3. I like what you are doing with your photos.
    You know the big lakes have lighthouses, too. I am sure you will come home with wonderful photos, wherever you go.

  4. Lovely coastal theme montage Carol. Looks like I should take a look at Picnik.