Saturday, August 21, 2010

Inner Harbor, Nantucket, Massachusetts

There was considerable sunlight shining through after the storm during my trip to Nantucket Island. This is one of my favorite views of the harbor. Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. The major heat broke this week and now we only have low 90's but this week up and coming we'll be in the high 80's late into the week and I can't wait. I've already enjoyed the slightly cooler weather considering just how hot it was at the end of last week. I'll be posting images of Nantucket the next few weeks. You are allowed to say "enough already". It's just, I'd never been to Nantucket so I can't help but show everyone how cool it is. ENJOY!


  1. Oh, your Nantucket photos are wonderful! It is such a picturesque place and I could never tire of looking!

  2. I want to see all your photos from there. Keep posting. Are all the buildings the same color around the harbor?

  3. Sandy, the buildings around the harbor are all the same color. Matter of fact most of the buildings on the island are clapboard. There's very few with siding. Apparently when someone would build with siding it was frowned upon as it took away from the charm of the whole island. Carol