Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bernheim Flowers

Just a few of the flowers I encountered in Bernheim on my last trip. Something was eating on the dogwood. I've had two requests recently via email. One to guest post on a website. Another to be one of the founders of the Photography Section of another website. Unfortunately, I'm having trouble keeping up with my own blog so I've not really made up my mind as to what I'll do, but I don't want to lose sight of my initial goal. What is that thing they say, "Keep your eye on the target." Well I'm trying. Stay cool, it's gonna be warm in a lot of the nation. Enjoy!


  1. AnonymousJune 27, 2010

    I love the dogwood, bugs and all. It looks different from the one we had in Oklahoma. If I remember right, it was pale pink.

    It sounds like you are staying busy!

  2. Love the blooms. Still warm over here but with a welcome evening breeze. Stay cool. FAB

  3. Well - or you could also think: "When opportunity comes knocking - answer!" That said, I've also had to deny some requests lately. There is only so much time. Spend it doing what you truly love, Carol. As always, I am inspired by your photos.

  4. ...beautiful flowers! I know what you mean about struggling to keep up. Demands have flooded in on me the past 6 months, and I don't get to spend the time I'd like to on the blog. It's hard to balance everything-----and keep the house clean!! :-) Good luck with your decision.

  5. those dogwoods are exquisite.
    i'm missing their spring blooms now.