Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bright Days Ahead!

Welcome Spring!
So glad you stopped by.
I know you're only fleeting,
til Summer will abide.

Your sprouts, your blooms,
your bright sunny days.
You bless me with happiness,
in so many ways.

Spring showers, gusty winds,
will surely accompany you.
Yes, that's ok,
they're part of Spring too.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful, bright sunny Spring. Enjoy!


  1. Hi Carol, You're providing me with a welcome pop of color on a dreary Denver day - snowing at my home in the mountains, too. I might just move in with you...

  2. We are having the same kind of weekend as Barb, even a bit of snow yesterday. Hopefully the sun will come out this afternoon.

    Pretty shot, and lovely poem, did you write it?

  3. Thanks for the compliments. I took this photograph last year in the summertime while I was out of town. I wrote the poem while I was sitting on my sofa yesterday, Saturday morning, comtemplating the day. In my youth I aspired to be a writer. And while that isn't my profession now, occasionally I like to write a poem or two when I'm inspired. Carol