Saturday, April 7, 2018

The Beauty of the Southern Magnolia

There is only one Magnolia tree I consider more beautiful than the Japanese Magnolias, like the ones I photograph at Bernheim Arboretum in Kentucky. That Magnolia is the Southern Magnolia tree. It's huge Magnolia blooms are unmatched. The farther south you travel, the more Southern Magnolias you encounter, which is why I am finding them in abundance here in Tennessee, and in and around Nashville.

As I traveled around the city and the outskirts last year, I kept an eye out for beautiful Magnolia blooms, but never really found any until I happened out my back door. One afternoon while taking a brief walk, I discovered Southern Magnolias all along the back of the building next to the sidewalk. I went inside and grabbed my camera and snapped photo after photo. The blooms were perfect and gorgeous. I noticed the trees were growing in other pathways around the complex.

Southern Magnolias are found all throughout the southeast United States and even more so the farther south you travel. And while the grounds under the trees are a mess with their fallen leaves and blooms, I have to say the Southern Magnolia is my favorite bloom. I captured these images last year out back, but only shared one of the photos. Today seemed like the perfect day to post these gorgeous blooms.

Soon Dogwoods will be in full bloom and shortly after the Southern Magnolias will bloom. It's odd Southern Magnolias bloom in the Summer. And sad too as once the temperatures hit a sweltering high, the blooms immediately wilt. Sad, but there you have it.

Did I mention it's snowing outside today. No accumulation is expected. Just some snow flurries passing through on their way East. With the temperatures in the mid thirties, Cheekwood in Bloom festivities were cancelled and admission is being offered at half price today. Baby, it's cold outside. Oh, Spring! Where art though? ENJOY!

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  1. Here comes the first magnolia flowers in early May :-))

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