Saturday, June 3, 2017

Bradford Robertson Color Garden, Cheekwood

Arbor, Bradford Robertson Color Garden, Cheekwood Botanical Gardens

The Arbor at the Bradford Robertson Color Garden pulls visitors into the garden commanding an audience all its own. The large railing hangs like a canopy over the garden making it the perfect home for many a bloom through the seasons. It's one of the first stops I make each time I visit Cheekwood.

Here under the Arbor, I found Summer color already blooming in its abundance. Purples and yellows and pinks surround me. On this visit I captured photos of this very dainty Purple Phlox ground cover, with its faintest blush of lavender color in bloom. So beautiful and one of my favorite colors in the 'blush' family, if blush were a color all its own.

The star of the show on this particular visit to the garden is the Clematis Vine, properly named, Venosa Violacea, growing in a bright, deep purple hue slowly making its climb up the railing of the posts. Faint purple, bright purple, vivid purple shades were all around. Before Summer's end I bet the Clematis has made its way all the way up to the top of the railing and perhaps even across and back down. One can hope, can't we.

On the opposite side of the garden path from the Clematis sits a clump of bright yellow African Marigolds. Bright sunshine only adds to their sunny yellow hue. While I was photographing the flower, I noticed it had a visitor. Now I'm thinking this little guy has a long journey to get across this vast flowering tundra. Do you suppose he's thinking the same thing? That is if bugs can think which surely they must.

At the very back of Arbor, just off the sidewalk sits this beautiful ornate fountain filled with various blooms and gorgeous green landscaping as a backdrop. So love the landscape artists here at Cheekwood. I love to walk back and forth, and up and down the garden path, taking in the blooms, front to back and every which way. My favorite are the bright colored Tulips in Spring, but I still love to visit in Summer and take in the perennials, and in Fall, when the Fall Festival brings bright colored Chrysanthemums running up and down the entire length of the garden path. Sorry, but I keep getting the name of this garden wrong. Had to correct it today after I posted. Back soon. ENJOY!

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  1. Oh, my, I do love this that arbor and love that fountain...

  2. Thank you Rose. I love it too. I try to get there at least three times a year. It's so beautiful. Carol

  3. a beautiful garden to spend some time in. beautiful images.

  4. Thanks for stopping by Felicia. If you are ever in Nashville, I hope you will let me know. Carol

  5. Beautiful, every one, the flowers in the ornate fountain, and the blue grasses at the sides, I think I have some grasses like those down here. I can imagine tulips galore scattered through the walkways.And that canopy trellis, yes, I'm sure the clematis will climb high.

  6. I would have liked to have seen the tulips this spring but I missed them. Hope all is well with you and Hugh. Carol