Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Dogwoods at Bernheim

On my visit to Bernheim Saturday, I noticed quite a few Dogwood trees. I hadn't really noticed how many there were in year's past.

As I was driving up to the arboretum I saw this small Dogwood off in the distance. I love these trees in bloom with the bright green grasses having just sprouted for Spring. The sky was a beautiful blue with white fluffy clouds which made it all the better.

Soon all the Dogwood blooms will be gone for another year. Oh how I love them. Sadly, I missed the Japanese Magnolias and the Crab Apples this year. Perhaps next year.

Before reaching the arboretum on the perimeter drive, sits this small lake with a bridge across it. I noticed the Dogwoods up on the hill. The reflection of the bridge was almost perfect as the wind had died down and the water was very still. I hope you enjoyed the Dogwoods. The Crocus are gone. The Daffodils are gone. Soon the Tulips will be gone. And of course, the Dogwoods. Leaving us with Summer's flowers. Foxgloves and Roses and Daisies and Black Eyed Susan's. ENJOY!


  1. I'm still enjoying the magnolias here in Pa. The dogwoods are not out yet.

    gorgeous images Carol.

  2. Blooming dogwoods are i credible! I SO wish they would survive and bloom here!

  3. Such beautiful shots, Carol...there is something about that first that really appeals to me. While I love the others, too.

  4. I saw your comment on Jean's blog. Hadn't visited for awhile. Lovely seeing spring unfold slowly to the south. I know it is coming soon to Ontario!
    (ツ) from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!