Sunday, February 19, 2017

Oh Winter, Oh Spring!

With virtually no Winter here in Tennessee this year and not sure if Winter's grip has given up its hold, I witnessed two beautiful Japanese Magnolia trees in full bloom in Nashville this week. Has Spring arrived? I wanted to feature this pale pink Japanese Magnolia hybrid photo I captured several years ago at Bernheim. The faintest pink hue I had ever seen. The lavender buds were as beautiful as its pale pink bloom. God works in wondrous ways. I hope you have a wonderful week ahead. ENJOY!


  1. Mauve to lavender to pink, beautiful. Down here, summer was here yesterday, very hot, 2 days in a row, but the mornings are already so dark.

  2. Lovely flower-- beautifully captured!

  3. love magnolias. can't wait till they bloom here too.