Thursday, February 9, 2017

Let's Sit And Ponder This Weather

As I ponder this weather in Tennessee, with 69 one day and 30 the next, and back to 60 following that day, I ask myself, where is Spring. I know some of you are getting a major snow storm and many of you have had snow for some time. But this weather here in Tennessee has been so mild with nary a really cold day or even week to speak of. It almost seems like Spring has been here since Fall dropped its leaves. I even saw Daffodils in bloom on the Great Smoky Mountains National Park Facebook page this week. I kid you not. I hope you enjoy this image taken very very early one Spring in Bernheim's Arboretum as this beautiful tree was in full bloom. Wherever you are, be safe, be warm, and if you want better weather, I guess come to Nashville. ENJOY!


  1. Down here, we think summer has fled, after stopping off for a day here and there. Autumn is in the leaves, as they start changing to golden yellow and tan, crisp morning today, with only 5Celsius early on!! And then the huge snow storms in B C , Alberta sitting in places on -30 and less, and your own hovering between high and low.The pundits call it " Climate Change" !!! Guess I will stick with quilting and the occasional photo. Beautiful scene, just the right place to linger a while.

  2. I love your spring image Carol, but I'll stay here in Pa and enjoy my snow.

  3. I would definitely enjoy being there!