Friday, December 2, 2016

Prayers for Great Smoky Mountains & Gatlinburg

As I sat and watched the wildfires descend upon Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and into Gatlinburg and Sevier County, Tennessee, my heart ached. I normally trek to the Smokies once or twice a year. I have thought about nothing else but the people and the hardship ahead. I have also wondered how the Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail was impacted. Many people can't take long trail hikes and this is one drive that anyone can do in their car and be totally immersed in the forest while the Roaring Fork River rushes downstream. It's a breathtaking place. Thankfully, most of Tremont is alright and Cade's Cove was unaffected by the fires.

Lives lost, lives perished with no trace, homes destroyed, businesses devastated. All over Tennessee and neighboring states, firefighters have traveled to the Smokies to help with the wildfires. We had some rain this week, but there is heavy rain coming this weekend and hopefully it will push East. I pray it will push East. Great Smoky Mountains National Park is the 'most' visited park in the entire United States and I hope it stays that way in spite of everything that has happened. And pray for the families in south central Tennessee who lost loved ones, homes and businesses, as well, due to tornadoes the day after the wildfires. And a week prior to this six small children were taken from us by a crazed school bus driver in Chattanooga. Needless to say, Tennessee has been hit especially hard by tragedy in the past two weeks. Tennessee will bounce back, but in the meantime, I ask for your prayers. Thank you. Carol

SPECIAL NOTE: Do you believe in Climate Change. It not, watch just two episodes of the 'Years of Living Dangerously' on the National Geographic Channel. It's an awakening! Sadly, Americans have the highest carbon footprint globally. Yet, the worst areas affected right now by our ever warming ocean is not the U. S., but areas like the Philippines and the Amazons where the majority of the population live well well below the poverty level and who's entire existence and livelihood depends upon the land, and especially the ocean. If we do not take action now, fifty years from now there will be floods, hurricanes and wildfires, not to mention droughts, the likes of which we could never ever imagine.


  1. There has been so little on our TV about all this, but I have looked it up and am shattered at the huge losses. Hoping for rain and less wind, Stay safe Carol.

  2. Havingbeen to Gatlinburg, we have been shocked bythe fires! We also had our own house burn down, so have a lot of sympathy.

  3. I know how you feel Carol. I was SO saddened too. I cannot fathom what those folks are going through. We always enjoyed our visits to Gatlinburg and the Park.

    I'm glad Cade's Cove was not affected, I loved it there.