Saturday, November 12, 2016

Sailboats on Old Hickory Lake

One of my favorite things to photograph are sailboats. I have long had a passion for these free spirited, take me where the wind blows, boats. This is the yacht club on the south side of Old Hickory Lake. Many a sailboat calls it home.

It was late in the day as I made the drive around Old Hickory Lake north to my home in Hendersonville. I decided to make the ten minute drive back to the yacht club before leaving the south side of the lake. The sun was at a fairly decent descent so the light wasn't too awfully harsh. There was a subtle hint of Fall color on the trees in the distance.

Fall in middle Tennessee was subdued due in part to lack of rain. Drought is slowly creeping from southern Tennessee to middle and northern parts of the state. It is more severe in northern Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia. This time last year it was a monsoon from a hurricane that came up from the Gulf in October and the remnants of the storm brought rain across the northern most part of the South. ENJOY!

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