Thursday, November 17, 2016

Blue Nile Water Lily

A beautiful Blue Nile Water Lily as I captured it on my trek to Gibbs Gardens. As I gingerly walked about the Waterlily Gardens in early August this dainty looking Blue Nile Water Lily struck my eye. I hope your week is going well. It's been too too busy for me. The holidays are fast approaching. Before I leave you today, here is a tidbit I put together to wet your whistle. ENJOY!

The 'Happy Holidays' are fast approaching. 
There will be Tom Turkey aplenty and let's wish one and all Seasons Greetings. 
Next comes the Black Friday hustle accompanied by Light Up wherever you are. 
Let's Deck the Halls and afterwards we can Shop Til You Drop. 
Kiddos await jolly Ol' St. Nick where he will Dash Away, Dash Away, Dash Away All.
The Ball Drop in Times Square as we sing a chorus of Auid Lang Syne!


  1. Beautiful, and I can see an applique quilt block right there.

    1. If you want the image without my watermark you are welcome to it. Let me know by sending me a note at Thanks for stopping by Jean. Carol

  2. I love the beautiful blue color.