Sunday, October 16, 2016

Black Magic of Autumn

No doubt Cheekwood is well known for its magnificent floral displays throughout its gardens. Yet, as I walk under the Arbor in the Robert Ellis Color Garden, my senses were overtaken by the enormous deep purple leaves of the Black Magic Elephant Ears. They were stunning and they attracted me much like bees are attracted to honey. But it isn't just the Elephant Ears, the bright purple Salvia which grows behind the Black Magic is simply gorgeous. The color contrast like no other. And I am certain Cheekwood gardeners planned this combination just for this exact reaction.

With Autumn comes the red, orange and yellow colors that delight us all and bring us out of our houses to tour the woods and forests and countrysides. However, at Cheekwood you can find a setting like none other. Here reside the deep purplish blacks and vibrant, stunning lavenders that emit a warmth that adds a whole new dimension to the term Autumn. I can never walk past the Black Magic Elephant Ears without capturing a few images. These beauties are surrounded by our customary red, yellow and orange Chrysanthemums planted up and down the entire length of the Arbor. Did you know that Black Magic Elephant Ears unfold in bright green, then slowly turn to purple and finally give way to the blackish purple I share with you today. ENJOY!


  1. I've never seen anything like those, Carol! How beautiful with the colorful flowers around them. Glad to see the weather cooperated for your visit.

  2. Must be something new. I've not seen them before either. I love the purple in the background.