Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Steelroots Sculpture Series

As Spring draws to a close, I wanted to share some of the amazing contemporary art sculptures I photographed at Cheekwood earlier this Spring. Strolling the grounds near the Robert Ellis Color Garden, I turned to find a Japanese Cherry tree off in the distance in full bloom. What struck me was the bronze sculpture sitting nearby that seemingly was dwarfed by the large tree. This sculpture is one of many sculptures featured at Cheekwood from Steve Tobins' Southern Roots Exhibition where he features pieces from his Steelroots sculpture series.

Every turn on my walk throughout the gardens, I would happen upon another beautiful work of art on display. Adjacent to the museum, I discovered this stark red bronze sculpture. I learned later from a brief search online that Tobin had fashioned this piece to resemble the roots of a fallen Sycamore tree. As you approach each sculpture, considering the height and depth of each one, you ask yourself where this artist gets his inspiration.

You have seen this piece in other posts, but I wanted to share this perspective because it has such a mysterious feeling about it which is exactly what I expected it to have when I captured it. I knew what with the sun having gone behind the clouds that the background would be shrouded in gray and it is.    

Lastly, this piece is a departure from Tobin's other bronze sculptures in this display. Tobin after amassed a huge collection of metal letters, painstakingly painted each and fabricated them into this globe. Think of the time, the patience, not to mention the dedication to complete this piece. Painters paint, artists draw and photographers capture. Art is so amazing. I love that while visiting this beautiful garden sanctuary in the heart of Nashville, you can find amazing works of art scattered throughout the grounds. It makes every visit even more special than the last. I hope you enjoyed coming along with me on this walk. Back soon. ENJOY!


  1. Carol those sculptures are really interesting. Especially the turquoise ball of letters. It is quite amazing and fascinating to see. The cherry tree is a beauty all in bloom. Pam

  2. I really like Tobin's sculptures. That last is an amazing feat!