Saturday, April 2, 2016

Tulips & Hyacinths

On my last visit to Cheekwood, I encountered a gorgeous flower garden filled with bright yellow Tulips and pink Hyacinths. The second I caught a glimpse of this garden, thoughts of Easter began to conjure up in my mind. It was the perfect abode to Easter what with Sunday being the holiday. Hyacinths were originally from the Middle Eastern countries. Something I did not know until I looked up the flower itself online. Also during the Victorian era, Hyacinths were revered for their long lingering fragrance.

Those violets, if that is the flower they are, tucked throughout the entire garden made for an amazing display. While I have never been and never will be a gardener, I honestly have to say I am amazed to think of all of the work that goes into each individual garden. At every turn in the walkway, there is a different colored flower featured, not to mention a different species altogether, and then with the other flowers tucked in throughout, it surely is a big job tending to these gardens. In my opinion, the most beautiful displays are very close to the front of the botanical gardens especiallly around the Bradford Robertson Color Garden and the Botanical Hall.

There is a walkway lined with Crepe Myrtles near the Botanical Hall. Last year I was able to capture images of gorgeous yellow and red Tulips blooming all throughout those Crepe Myrtles. However, it was too early this year. If you missed that post from last year, simply go here.

Cheekwood Botanical Gardens is a truly remarkable place to visit as are most botanical gardens. There are gardens within Cheekwood that have become increasingly familiar to me. Yet, I don't think I will ever be as fond of any place as I am Bernheim, perhaps if for no other reason than it is close to home for me being right outside Louisville. It is in the sixties with lots of sunshine here this weekend. I am exhausted from work due to numerous deadlines, but I am hoping to get outdoors none the less. I wish for you is a fabulous weekend. ENJOY!


  1. Beautiful photos (as always)! Those little flowers with faces are probably violas (they're not violets). I say "probably" because when they're larger they're pansies, and these just might be very small pansies (singular is pansy). By the way, these are what we call them in England; they may have different names in America.

  2. Beautiful colorful flowers....

  3. These are gorgeous floral displays Carol. I love the spring colours. There is nothing blooming here except for my clump of purple crocus that bloomed at the end of February - the earliest ever! However it is still very cold here this week.

  4. You are getting to know your local garden, Carol. The spring blooms put a smile on my face as we're having a blizzard here in Breck!