Sunday, April 24, 2016

Photographing a Landscape

Photographing a landscape image, and especially one in portrait can be difficult. At Cheekwood Botanical Gardens, in south Nashville, as I walked among the gardens filled with lush, beautiful Tulips in reds and oranges and yellows, I came upon this scene. My eye ran from one array of Tulips to the next moving slowing up the hill and finally my eye went up to the gorgeous Fir trees in the distance. Do you suppose the landscape designers and the gardeners who labored as they planted each bulb, knew this is exactly what they had hoped one would do? What a visionary if that was the case. My work was already done in capturing this perspective. All I need do was choose just where to position my lens to capture the essence of this scene. Just as I snapped the image, I realized too that the sun had gone behind a cloud. I was glad, because if I had taken the image with the sun shining, there may have been hot spots obscuring the beautiful Tulips. I hope I did the landscape designers justice with this capture.

I posted this image on a smaller scale. If you can't see it in its entirely on your viewing frame, click on the image and it will go to fill frame. I hope you are enjoying the weekend and your weather is as wonderful as mine is right now. As I am writing this post a Purple Finch landed on my patio, sat for a mere few seconds, and then, just as quickly as he came, he flew away. I so love Spring. Back soon. ENJOY!

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  1. So wonderful to see , yes, a lot of planning, planting, and then nature gives us the glorious flowers. Love the way the tulips are planted in a curved pattern, and among the trees, you chose a great setting .Water in the background, truly lovely.

  2. Carol. You beautifully captured exactly what the garden designer envisaged.

    P.S. I often struggle with landscapes so it would be interesting to know the lens and settings you used.

    1. Thanks so much Frank. I used a 300mm lens f/4.5-5.6. Settings were 1/250 sec at f/8.0, ISO 200. I dropped it in Lightroom for some tweaking but generally didn't have to adjust much. Carol

  3. Hi Carol. That is a gorgeous scene and I think the landscape designers did a fine job of the plantings. We had sunshine here but the wind is so very cold. Spring is slowing creeping in. Have a great week!

  4. wat een geweldig mooi bloementapijt.

  5. Such a beautiful image. Love the flowing lines of the tulip beds meandering through the scene.