Sunday, February 28, 2016

Yellow Rumped Warbler

Today was filled with temperatures in the low 70's, brilliant sunshine and bright blue skies. It was a welcome treat after many many weeks of very little sun and a whole lot of rain here in Nashville. I knew I had to get outdoors so I opted for a Sunday drive. Murfree Springs Wetland was the perfect place to get outdoors and take a walk. It's still Winter here in Tennessee, but I had a hunch the wetland might be greening up.

My hunch paid off and the wetland was adorned with new bright green aquatic plants covering the swamp for as far as the eye could see. As I meandered down the boardwalk, I heard a distinct chirping. While I don't recall ever coming eye to eye with a Warbler, it certainly sounded like a song bird. I spotted a small bird perched high up on a tree branch. I hadn't a clue what breed it was, but I knew my software would reveal that. Turns out it was a Yellow Rumped Warbler. Surprise, a Life List Bird. His song was melodious and while he never stayed long on any one branch, I was still happy to make his acquaintance. This little bird Winters throughout the Midwest and Eastern United States. In Spring he migrates to the Western United States and Canada where he spends the Summer and breeds. He certainly has a long journey ahead of him. Please forgive the poor image quality. Lightroom can only do so much. Back soon. ENJOY!

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  1. Hello, the YR Warbler is a pretty bird. Congrats on your sighting. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!