Saturday, May 30, 2015

Green Frog, Murfree Spring Wetlands

At Murfree Spring Wetlands I happened upon large and small birds, mammals, amphibians and a plethora of marshes, swamps and more pond weeds than I had ever seen in my lifetime. While reading up on Green Frogs, I discovered that pond weeds are also referred to as duck weeds.

Mid way into my first walk, half way back into the wetland, this Green Frog stuck his head up out of the water in a less saturated pond weed area. This little guy is in the perfect habitat what with all of the insects one can find hanging out in the wetland. I discovered upon reading about Green Frogs that this is gal, a female Green Frog. Females have a similar size tympanum, external hearing structure, just behind the eye. The tympanum actually transmits sounds to the inner ear. Males have a much larger tympanum which is the perfect distinguishing characteristic.

At the end of my wetland walk, I lingered to look over the boardwalk into the swamp and up popped another female Green Frog. This gal was almost totally camouflaged by heavy pond weeds. She sat on top of the water while I captured a few images of her.

I plan to venture back to Murfree Spring Wetland often in the near future in hopes of seeing the Beavers and River Otters that reside there. I encountered considerable evidence of the Beavers all along the first half of the boardwalk. Near the back of the wetland sat a very large Beaver lodge out in the swamp. Everyone have a fantastic weekend. Stay dry as there is quite a bit of rain forecast for the midwest, south and eastern United States. ENJOY!

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  1. Green shining so brightly, but camouflage so good, I guess if she was under the weeds a little more, she would be almost hidden. What a find, and super focus.

  2. The frogs are so cute. The second one is just covered with the duck weed. Adorable photos. Thank you so much for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!

  3. Great shots of the frogs! I think they're cute.

  4. What wonderful photos!

  5. geweldig mooi dat koppie net boven het kroos uit,

  6. Hi Carol!!
    You have FUN pictures of the little green frog.
    I explored you blog and you have beautiful pictures of nature!!! All my Favs!!!

  7. cute little fella. love the last image.