Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Sculptures at Cheekwood

One of Nashville's early entrepreneurial families, the Cheeks, purchased 100 acres in West Nashville in the late 1900's where the family sat out to build a country estate created by a landscape architect from New York. Bryan Fleming created what is now Cheekwood. The botanical gardens houses eleven smaller gardens at Cheekwood, in addition to the Museum of Art, the Frist Learning Center and Contemporary Art Galleries and the Botanic Hall.

As I walked the grounds I passed from one garden to the next sometimes not even realizing it at first. In the Martin Boxwood Garden situated behind the Museum of Art, I found this beautiful sculpture fountain sitting at the end of a long narrow pool of water.

On Sunday I had sat out to take in the grandeur of the 100,000 Tulip display and to perhaps get a lay of the land at Cheekwood for future visits. One of the areas I happened upon was the Swan Lawn. Several Swan sculptures were featured in this area, the most beautiful of which this fountain.

Another Swan sculpture was situated in one corner of the lawn surrounded by trees and bushes including a Dogwood tree whose buds were just beginning to open.

Before departing to another garden, I noticed another sculpture surrounded by beautiful bushes and trees near the Museum building.

After I snapped a few images of the sculptures, I turned and saw these beautiful windows peering down at me from the side of the Museum building. Old stone buildings are beautiful, but the windows in this building made it even more so. I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the sculptures at Cheekwood. I will return with more flower images soon. ENJOY!


  1. Old buildings, and old sculptures, what a setting for those tulips.

  2. What beautiful grounds and statues etc. It looks so lovely and warm there in the sunshine. I'm sure you will get great enjoyment of visiting Cheekwood through the year. Have a great day.