Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Got the Blues for Cheekwood

Do you ever get the blues? Well, I got the blues at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens on Sunday afternoon. While meandering throughout the many, many gardens, and there were quite a few, I captured a few images of the 'blues'.

Most of the Tulips I photographed I didn't make a note of their names. To me, a Tulip is a Tulip is a Tulip. Granted an avid gardener would disagree, but I am not a gardener so I feel I am allowed to say that. This beautiful blue flower did not have a name plate near it and I am afraid while I attempted to ID it on Google, I fell short. If you should know the identification, please share.

I continued on my walk throughout the gardens and happened upon this little gem which I feel almost certain is a Blue Bell. I love the way each flower is like a tiny little bell.

It is no easy task to identify flowers. I try to do so by their color first, then their shape, specifically of their flower or petals, or their stems, and as a last ditch effort I go for the season. You name it and I am throwing in a word here, a word there, and if all goes well, I find the name of the flower. But as is the case today, sometimes the name eludes me. I love photographing flowers, and while I do not consider myself a pro or even a macro photographer, I try to capture a close up of each flower so that you can see all of the intricate details. While the color is the star of the show with flowers, the details get me every time. I hope you enjoyed my 'blues' as much as I enjoyed sharing them. Back soon. ENJOY!

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  1. geweldig wat zijn ze mooi.

  2. What a pretty blue colour in these flowers. I'm not sure what they are either but the second one does look like a bluebell.

  3. Hi Carol.
    Not sure how I missed this post but the first image is a Camassia, probably C. cusickii as it is usually the first variety to flower. I am waiting for mine to flower ... need more warm sunshine.

    The Bluebell looks very much like the Spanish version (Scilla campanulata or aka Hyacinthoides hispanica) which are now flowering all around our garden.