Saturday, February 21, 2015

Winter Blues

Winter I am done with you! 
Done with ice, sleet, freezing rain, snow, bitter cold, dark and dreary days. 
I am done with dry skin, slipping on sidewalks, sliding in the parking lot, scraping ice off car windows. 
I am done with wrapping my scarf tighter, putting the gloves on, taking the gloves off.
I am done with grabbing more logs for the fire, turning the thermostat up again, reaching for a fresh mug of hot coffee.

I know that most of you have had a much harsher Winter than I have had in Kentucky and Tennessee.
I know here the bitter cold cannot compare to that of the northern States, not to mention the Canadian Provinces. 
So forgive me for being done, but I simply can't take any more.

This week we had an inch of ice, the following day an inch of snow.
The following day the temperature dropped to sub zero whilst we attempted to dig out our lives. 
Then yesterday snow, sleet and freezing rain fell all within one evening's time. 
Today it is raining. A rain that brings icicles crashing to the ground.
A rain that makes for a dark and dreary Winter's day.
A rain that just will not stop and no doubt will bring with it flooding. 
One would expect on such a day to find Noah guiding the animals to the Ark 'two by two.'

I long for sunny days, bright blue skies and fluffy white clouds that slowly move across the sky.
I long for warm breezes that brush against my cheek and turns my frown into a smile.
I long for flowers in every shape, size and configuration on every walk, stroll or hike.
I long for Spring. 
And while I am longing for Winter to be done, I ask, are you with me? ENJOY!


  1. I will send you up instant warmth, the other day it was over 30C, hang in there, your words are so descriptive, I can almost be right there in the cold. We are having darker mornings, early dew, a few showers, not enough rain for farmers or gardeners, only hand held hoses ( try that on over 3 acres!!), but winter firewood is almost dry, comfort in the huge pile waiting to be stored away. Hugs as you adjust to a new home, climate and workplace.

  2. I am with you Carol! You've certainly had some nasty weather way down there. It's the same system that is coming here tonight I think. Funny how the weather travels from so far away - the gulf of Mexico or the mid-west - all the way to the northeast and Atlantic Canada. And the farther it travels I think the worse it gets. I hope this cold ends soon. We are so tired of the cold and snow. Your photo is so beautiful! I hope it warms up for you soon. Take care. Pam

  3. Like Nancy, I'd be happy to send you some of our warmth. No matter how hot it gets I refuse to complain because I do so hate winter. And that's without any sign of ice, snow, sleet or any other cold climate nasty. Your photo made me catch my breath. How I would love to be able to take a photo like that!

  4. love your image.

    I try to be patient and let God send spring when He wants to.