Sunday, November 30, 2014

'Tis the Season

Holidays are known for many things, the least of which is all of the decor and finery displayed throughout the season. The traditional Christmas decor would not be complete without a beautiful tree to adorn a room. As I made my way out of Gatlinburg in October, passing through Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, I made a stop at The Christmas Place. The Christmas Place is the largest Christmas decor shop in the eastern United States.

At least a dozen trees or more were decorated in various themes displayed throughout the store. Tuscan, Christmas Carol, white and blue, and well, you name it they had a tree for it. But the traditional red and green and gold Christmas tree always pulls me in. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving for those of you in the States. I have a tad bit more decorating for the holiday to do and then I will be done. Have a wonderful weekend all. ENJOY!

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  1. Christmas so soon, and here we are in... as tomorrow is the official start of summer... almost winter clothes, snow falling in the far south, the fire is lit every morning, and my piece of necessity, the electric blanket, still turned on each night. Then I look at the cold up North, those deep fall colours, the huge snowfalls, absolutely stunning mountain scenes, and remember, we all see the same sun, moon, and sky, just at different times and seasons, That huge display must be totally amazing, thanks so much for sharing. Jean.

  2. That's a gorgeous tree. I think I'd enjoy that particular shop just to look. Friends of ours are on a bus tour down there right now! I'm all decorated but still have lots of shopping to do. Can you believe Christmas is just 3 weeks away?! I'm panicking now.