Thursday, November 27, 2014

Hurst Falls, Cove Springs Park

Cove Springs Park is a small park situated just north of Frankfort, Kentucky, and one of the few waterfalls found in northern Kentucky to my knowledge. Along with the park's forested areas, there is a signiciant wetland area and a waterfall, Hurst Falls. The waterfall was named after the Hursts who originally owned the land and wanted it preserved. Recently, I went on a scouting expedition to locate the park and the waterfall.

When I pulled into the parking lot, next to the entrance to the park, and looked up I found Hurst Falls flowing ever so gently over the cliff and down onto the rocky hillside. It wasn't gushing as I had seen in photos on the internet, but no doubt after a significant rain event, it would be. I love how the water streams down the rocks in tiny riplets on either side of the main flow. This was a test shot I captured just to get a handle on what the waterfall would look like. I decided to share it with you as it was a fairly decent image. Hopefully when I return to the park, the falls will be flowing much heavier. Don't you love it when you find a new location to photograph and it's practically right outside your back door meaning a quick drive and you're there. It not only makes me happy, but even happier when it involves a waterfall because you know how much I love to photograph water. ENJOY!


  1. beautiful capture even though it is not flowing full.

  2. Wonderful photo! The composition is breathtaking