Sunday, September 7, 2014

Scarlet Cockscomb

As luck would have it on my journey today, I crossed paths with a very large scarlet Cockscomb blooming near a shop I visited. Today was the first day in many many weeks that I got outdoors to take photos.
Visiting Nashville, Indiana or as we locals call it 'Brown County' is a treat at the end of Summer and before Fall gets going in full swing. Most of the Summer's flowers are still blooming and the leaves haven't turned yet. Coupled with all of the colorful shops in the small arts and crafts town, well you guessed it. It's a fantastic place to take photos. And the icing on the cake is most of the Fall decor is out on display for fresh pickins'. The large Cockscomb plant I photographed was covered in 'bugs' in all shapes and sizes. In particular there were many 'lightning' bugs all over the blooms. Today was the first day in many weeks the temperature was a comfortable mid seventy and there was no humidity and my schedule was finally in my favor. And for that I am grateful. Back soon. ENJOY!

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  1. Superb focus and colour, that's a real beauty. Cheers,Jean