Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Ducklings, Holland State Park

An evening walk out onto the beach at Holland State Park in Michigan earlier this Summer, I noticed several Mallard Ducks floating on Lake Michigan near the large rocks along the breakwater.

And then I noticed this one little Duckling who decided to climb way up on top of one of the rocks. Not sure Mom was real happy about that as she looked on.

The water was such a wonderful blue that day.

There were quite a few Ducklings staying close to their parents that afternoon. I never really thought about Ducks and Geese having offspring later in the Summer, but apparently they do. The state park was really the perfect place to go swimming and sunbathing. It even had a huge concession stand. And Big Ben Lighthouse was right across the inlet so it was great for picture taking also. Thankfully the heat has dissipated and while tomorrow will be around 90, it hopefully, will be the last 90 degree day we have this year. Things I've noticed recently that you may have also made note of . . . pumpkins, mums, Halloween decor, talk of cool nights and Fall foliage changes coming. Oooohhhh. Love Fall. ENJOY!

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  1. I seem to be missing a lot of posts from my bloglist for some reason and yours is one of them. I see I missed 3 posts here. Love the blue hydrangeas (previous post) and these little ducklings are so cute! It's definitely cooler here but still very nice and no humidity.

  2. Little one, look at those water droplets, and mums watching closely, Super series, as always, cheers,Jean

  3. The ducklings are adorable!

  4. That little Duckling on the rocks could get into trouble in more ways than one! Have a good week.

  5. Great shots of the ducks and the ducklings are so cute. I love the closeup! Thank you for linking up and sharing your post! Have a happy day!

  6. Ducklings are so cute! All your ducks are nicely photographed.