Sunday, August 24, 2014

Roses in a Saugatuck Garden

While on my trek in Michigan back in July, I captured several images of the Roses blooming in an old fashioned flower garden sitting next to a bank on the corner of the main street that ran through the tiny town of Saugatuck. I have a fondness for Roses but especially love Cabbage Roses. It reminds me of the Rose bushes that bloomed along the fence line in my childhood home.

This courtyard filled with flowers is one you might encounter in England as opposed to a tiny tourist town like Saugatuck, but there it was with its black wrought iron fencing at least 10 feet tall and a beautiful oval topped gate.

I don't believe I have ever seen blush colored Roses actually blooming in a garden before. Although I have seen them in florists. I love there faint color of pink.

Just as I made my way to the end of the garden path, I found this muted pink rose shining in the sun. I tried to find out more about this courtyard flower garden online, but came up empty. All I can figure is it is owned and maintained by the Chemical Bank that is situated next to it. I am praying the oppressive heat wave we have been under since last week will die out this week as it was rather difficult to get anything accomplished when everything you try to do outdoors leaves you sweating profusely. I read on another blog that the snowline is creeping south up in Alaska and wonder just how much summer is left in the higher altitudes. I can feel Fall is not far away now. One of my favorite seasons. ENJOY!


  1. These roses are really gorgeous, Carol. We are in Alberta in western Canada at the moment near the Rockies and it's definitely cooler here. But, back home in the east it's very hot and humid which I'm sorry I'm missing. I was hoping for one last blast of summer weather and I'm missing it. :( Summer is definitely waning. Have a nice week. Pam

  2. These roses are so lovely. That blush is so delicate. I saw a whole meadow of gentians today - I couldn't ignore them! I guess we'll be getting snow soon.

  3. That last rose is so gentle and delicate, a heat wave, truly as I see on your side bar, 79F, way too hot for me, and snow coming up North, such a short summer for those in Alaska. Did the roses have that true old fashioned perfume? Cheers,Jean

    1. They smelled wonderful Jean. Roses just make the world a better place.