Thursday, August 21, 2014

Ahh . . . Cherries!

As I traveled the rural road from Leland to Empire, Michigan, on my way to hike the bluff trail at Sleeping Bear Dunes back in July, I stopped to capture a few images of the ripe cherries hanging heavy on the trees at an orchard I passed.

There were blueberry farms and cherry orchards galore everywhere I drove along the route that traversed Lake Michigan, not to mention the many wineries and tree farms. I gotta tell ya, Michigan knows their fruit.

Truth be told, I had never seen a blueberry farm or a cherry orchard, so it was a treat to get to see both. In the Bluegrass State, we're accustomed to thoroughbreds, bluegrass farms, bourbon and tobacco. Yes, we do gave an occasional apple orchard here and there, but Michigan is much more heavily into their fruit.

I think half the fun of cruising around America is the local flavor you find as you travel the rural roads. It's where you find real America wrapped neatly in the farms, orchards, factories and small towns that dot the landscape. The cherries in a local farm market I stopped at outside of Holland had the usual bright red cherries, but they also carried a larger dark seedless cherry. After a quick taste test, I have to say I like both. When I returned home to Kentucky, I went grocery shopping since I had made sure not to leave anything much in the frig before I left. Lucky me, I found fresh cherries at the Fresh Market and bought a bag. I had never bought fresh cherries before. I think it's because I don't like cherries on top of my sundae or milkshakes. So I guess I thought I wouldn't like fresh ones. Turns out, I was wrong. Did I mention I ate my fair share of blueberries after visiting that farm market. Oh, you heard me right, no cherries on my ice cream. I cannot have anything interfering with my ice cream eating experience. Did I mention I am also a huge 'chocoholic'. Yep, and don't even think about getting between me and my chocolate. ENJOY!

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  1. Oh, I can see we'd be in trouble, Carol - if there was only one piece of chocolate. Such an abundance of cherries - in my favorite color, too.