Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Springtime at Bernheim

Walking around the wildflower meadow at Bernheim, a strong scent of Crab Apple blooms hung in the air. It's Springtime at Bernheim and there is lots to take in.
The bright pinks and soft whites of the Crab Apples were so beautiful. The branches of the Crab Apple trees lay low to the ground laden down with the blooms.

The bees were buzzing and Cardinals and Robins were flying in and out of the trees. The sky was bright blue with lots of gorgeous sunshine.

After spending some time walking among the Crab Apple trees, I decided a visit to Lake Nevin across the main road from the meadow was in order. I noticed some Canadian Geese from a distance and wondered if it was too early for Goslings. As I began to approach the lake, I could see their tiny heads. Lucky me! The parents are never happy to see visitors as I and others were walking along the path that circles the lake. The parents decided to take the kiddos for a swim out in the lake and off they all went. I love photographing the Goslings at Bernheim because you can get some really good images.

Easter is behind us and Derby week is fast approaching here in the Bluegrass State. That all important Fastest Two Minute in Sports, the Kentucky Derby, is Saturday after next. But before that comes hot air balloons, bed races downtown, concerts, Derby parties, the Oaks where the Fillies race for that coveted first place spot.

I'm in awe how Spring has finally taken hold and can hardly wait for the warm nights of Summer. ENJOY!


  1. Beautiful pictures of the crabapple blossoms and the geese and goslings. It's an exciting season in Kentucky. Kind of wish I was there. I think the first time we went there was in May and our kids were really little (3 and 1). We have friends there and have been down 3 times to visit. I love the beautiful countryside and the horse farms. I'd love to go back again. Maybe one day. :)

  2. New life on the trees and in the water! I see spring has finally come to visit you.