Sunday, April 27, 2014

A Horse Affair

A drive was in order today what with the beautiful blue skies and tons of sunshine making for a perfect Spring day. I didn't want to take a long drive so I chose to visit the Bluegrass area of Kentucky. I captured a few images of the new foals lazing about on the beautiful bluegrass carpet, while other foals kept close to Mom as she moved from one grassy patch to the next. Beautiful tulips were blooming at the entrances to the horse farms while Dogwoods dotted the landscape.

Next weekend is the fastest two minutes in sports, the Run for the Roses, at Churchill Downs, while Friday is reserved for the Fillies to Run for the Lilies in the Kentucky Oaks. It is a lot of fanfare for such a brief few days of frivality. Louisville will burst at the seams with visitors, tourists, racing fans, and least we forget, celebrities galore. There are charity events and Derby parties and Derby Balls as well.

The ladies will have chosen their Derby outfit to wear on the big day, and of course, their accompanying Derby Hat is fitfully adorned with gorgeous flowers in matching colors. Postage stamp sized handbags are tucked safely in suitcases ready to bring out for their excursion to the track. The gentlemen while decked out in finery as well are amptly contemplating a nice smooth glass of Kentucky Bourbon or an always popular Mint Julep. The jockeys are preparing their silks for race day and the handicappers are readying their racing forms. The Downs, as we call it here in Louisville, is set to play host to countless thousands and thousands and thousands of visitors with Mint Juleps, Kentucky Country Ham and Derby Pie on the menu, just to name a few. All betting windows are open and stand ready with folks who shall gladly help you take leave of your hard earned money. And, the only question left at race time . . . is the track fast. And then they're off.

It really is a week of fanfare in Louisville with the Great Steamboat Race, the Pegasus Parade, the Kentucky Oaks and the Kentucky Derby. I am inclined to believe that after many, many years of playing host to this event throughout my lifetime, the thought of it all tends to lose itself on me now. But there are those who can't wait and I remember a time when I totally understood the anticipation. ENJOY!


  1. So beautifully green there, Carol. What a sweet portrait of mare and foal.

  2. Beautiful photos, especially the horse and foal. We toured Churchill Downs and Calumet Farm when we visited there the first time. Beautiful places. Let us know if you see any celebrities. :) Have a great week.