Sunday, February 9, 2014

Winter White

Winter in the Bluegrass leaves icicles dripping from every branch as it clings to each leftover Fall leaf while a blanket of snow covers the fields and lawns.

Ice and snow linger on the surfaces of everything out of doors. And every now and then a beautiful scene is born out of it as was this scene I photographed earlier this week. There is no real warm up in sight until perhaps next weekend. We will see what the week brings. ENJOY!


  1. What a beautiful scene, Carol. You did get a lot of snow and ice but it sure is pretty. At least it won't last too long. Be safe.

  2. Beautiful, so lovely with those delicate branches iced up. Have a safe week on the roads. Cheers from Jean

  3. Ice and snow looking like filigree and lace! Stay warm, Carol.