Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Winter, Hocking Hills

Beautiful Old Man's Cave, Upper Falls, in Hocking Hills, Ohio.

I captured this image and several others in mid January 2005 at Hocking Hills State Park near Logan, Ohio. It was bitterly cold and the temp was around 25 degrees. The wind was up a tad and made it seemed even colder. That winter reminds me a little of this winter only this winter might have that one beat by miles. This week we began with a six inch snowfall when I awoke Monday morning and looked out the window. Now this evening around 4 p.m. snow and freezing ran moved into our state. It's now turned to freezing rain and will continue until early tomorrow morning. I am daydreaming about the Caribbean or St. Martin or somewhere where there is a beach with blue skies and sunshine and the average temp is 75 degrees. ENJOY!

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  1. What a beautiful waterfall. Your weather is heading for us too. We are on the outer edge of it again so will only get a few inches of snow. Stay warm and cozy.