Wednesday, February 5, 2014

St. Michaels, Maryland

Beautiful St. Michael's! If you ever have a chance to visit the Eastern Shore of Maryland, you must plan a stop in St. Michael's. The itinerary I planned for my Eastern Shore trip was the perfect mix of small town charm, bird and pony watching, beach walking and lots of photo taking. One of my main stops the day after arriving on the Eastern Shore was in St. Michael's where I spent several hours walking around the town checking out the shops and grabbing a bite to eat. Michael's is situated a short drive south of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge on the Eastern Shore, just across from Annapolis.

The best part of visiting this small town is how nicely it plays host to the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum which is situated right in the middle of town within walking distance of the shops and eateries. The museum houses tons of beautiful exhibits depicting the history behind the bay area mariners and fishermen. While visiting St. Michael's, I soon became aware that the town was playing host to the Plein Air Arts Festival which drew open air artists from throughout the United States to display their wares for the week. It was such a treat to watch the artists in action painting the landscape. The water images were taken while I visited the maritime museum that afternoon. It's a great museum, but is all a beautiful place to visit too. I especially have a fondness for the beautiful Chesapeake Bay Lighthouse, which is a somewhat famous lighthouse often depicted on Eastern Shore tourism websites.

Here's the breakdown for the wintery mix received here in northern Kentucky so far this week. We received six inches of snow Monday, a quarter inch of freezing rain Tuesday evening leaving all things out of doors covered with a frozen glow and today we received two tenths of an inch of snow. Winter Storm Nika really packed a punch. Oh, boy are we having fun! ENJOY!


  1. What a beautiful collage. It's so colourful and summery! So much nicer than snow photos. :) It looks like a beautiful town to visit. I hope you stay safe when out travelling as it really sounds quite nasty there. We are getting snow from the same system here and about 2 inches down now. Take care. I really enjoy the photos!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Pam. I will keep safe. It's hard with all of this ice though. Hope you don't get too much more snow. I think we've all about had our fill this year. Carol