Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Winter Wonderland

Winter paints the landscape as an early storm moves swiftly across our country. First comes a frigid icy layer covering everything, then . . .

comes a white dusting with several inches of snow as if Winter is blessing each branch, each tree, each patch of earth in an effort to transform the landscape.

Only Mother Nature could create a scene so beautiful as this one as I stroll about the city taking in the beauty Mother Nature left behind.

Tendrils of water droplets frozen in time tease this Robin red breast. I suppose he'll have to wait for Winter to bring a warming sun to melt away the icicles it has left behind. Tomorrow brings a deep freeze. An early Winter across North America. Stay safe, stay warm. ENJOY!


  1. Carol, your snowy photos are beautiful but I especially like the one of the robin. It's so pretty to see a robin in the snowy winter. Stay warm and safe in the frigid cold. Pamela