Sunday, December 15, 2013

Today's Catch, Mustatatuck National Wildlife Refuge

As I drove into the entrance to Mustatatuck earlier today, I hadn't even gotten a tenth of a mile in when at the first open field on the left side sat this gorgeous bird of prey, an immature Hawk, surveying the field in search of a meal. I have a photo of him giving me the ole dead eye I'll share later. I also have some images of this same Hawk in a field down a ways as I was leaving Mustatatuck. He must have been really hungry as he was surveying that field as closely as he was the first.

All the swamps were mostly frozen, as was Reichart Lake today, with the exception of a small open area in the middle of the lake. The gravel road traversing the refuge was very, very icy and snowy, but I was able to navigate it with just the minimum of work. I've traveled this road when it had a good 3 inches of snow on it so I was pretty sure I could manage it today. Have you been outdoors lately? I have always hated Winter, but last year I decided to get outdoors more in the Winter and see if I could kill some of that dislike. It's working. I enjoy Winter much more now. Before I leave you today, and least you think I had forgotten, as for the holidays . . . I have officially decked my halls. And I only have a few gifts I have to buy each year and those are on their way to me via USPS right now. Now the real question comes . . . have you finished decorating, shopping, wrapping, etc. etc. And can you believe that Christmas is a week and a half away. Where did the time go? ENJOY!

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